Product FAQs

At Dreamweave & Co, we do not test on animals and our products are 100% cruelty free.

No, there are no dangerous chemicals in our range.  All of our products are free from irritants and the majority are free from allergens too.  The Lash Magnet Mascara and Magenegenics Mascara have a minute amount (0.0064% of Benzyl Salicylate) which is an allergen, and has to be stated on the ingredients list, but is only a traceable amount which has been certified to not be of any risk to the consumer.

All of our ingredients are certified safe by UK & EU regulators, FDA, PET and comply with the relevant legal regulations for being microbiologically safe for consumers health under ISO 29621:2010.   Also, the safety of our products are monitored and comply in accordance to procedures detailed in Cosmetic Regulation (EC) NO 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

All of our products are safe to use, however we don’t recommend that pregnant or breast-feeding women use the lip plumpers due to the fact that the skin may become overly sensitive during this time and that adverse reactions may occur.  Also, it is not ethically or morally correct to test on pregnant or breast-feeding women, and therefore we do not advocate for these products to be used during this time.

Unfortunately, no, our products are not vegan because they all have bees wax in the ingredients.

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Yes, check out our ‘Tutorials’ page on the website

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Our lip plumpers and Lash Construct mascara contain collage peptide treatments that work at a cellular level.  They promote and increase the natural production of collagen in the lash or lip areas, thus enhancing lash length, strength and nouand increasing lip fullme

Our mascaras are a silicone tubing mascara, that shroud each lash with a black wrap.  They do not smudge, flake, clump or leave you with the dreaded panda eyes!  They also curl without the use of curling tongs.

No, our mascaras are silicone tubing mascaras, and not fibrelash mascaras.  Our Magnegenics mascara tries to emulate the same effect as a Fibrelash mascara but without the fibres!

Yes 100%!!  The fact that our mascaras have no flakes means that no little irritations will get into your eyes!

Yes!  For those with sensitive eyes, we recommend our Lash Construct mascara.  It contains no titanium dioxide, which is often an irritant to many people with eye sensitivity.  

Our mascaras are definitely smudge proof!  You can wear them all night long and never wake up with the dreaded panda eyes!  

They are not classed as a waterproof mascara, however they are water resistant, so if you were to get wet, sweaty, or cry, you won’t end up with black mascara running down your face!

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Each products shelf life is indicated on the back on the box, but the mascaras are 6 months, and the lip plumpers 12 months.

The Dreamweave & Co lip plumpers will not only create an instant plump lip, but they also enhance long term collagen production, which will give long-lasting, long-term permanent results.

They use 3 different peptide formulations to give the most advanced plumping treatment to the lips.  And no allergens or irritants are used, unlike most other lip plumpers.

No, our lip plumpers do not contain any irritants or allergens that cause swelling to the lips, like most other lip plumpers do.  

It is the combination of tri-peptide formulation ingredients that create the plumping effect, in a safe and natural way.

The lip plumpers do create a warm tingle to the lips, and the more product that is used, the hotter it becomes.  The Powerhouse does have a minty coolness though, that alternates with the warmth. 

If used once a day, you will get approx. 1 months’ worth of applications.

You only need to use the lip plumper once a day for maximum long term benefit.  If used for 30 days consecutively, you will see a 20% increase in the size of your lips.

You can however use it more regularly if you wish, to create an instant plump to the lips.  

The instant plump will last for approx. 3-4 hours, whereas if you use the product consecutively for 30 days, you will see a 20% increase in the size of the lips permanently.

Check out our ‘Tutorials’ page to learn how to get the best results

Yes, you can apply over the top of lipstick, however for best results it is better to be applied onto bare lips.