Dreamweave & Co has always been at the forefront of blending practicality, usability, and technology, in order to create incredible cosmeceutical products. We want to be recognised for being leaders in our field for combining active ingredients into standard every day cosmetic items that are used by millions of people.

We believe that invasive procedures such as lip fillers are not the answer to long term natural beauty gains, and that active peptides can create a much more refined, ageless look whilst creating the longed-for fullness and youth that is wanted by many.

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Our products are able to help increase the body’s natural collagen production and thus rejuvenate and repair both the lashes and lips, whilst also providing protection, hydration and nourishment.

No longer do you need to use cosmetic products that give you no benefit cellularly.

Dreamweave & Co has proven that even the most common and widely used product such as mascara, can be developed into an item that has more than one purpose – to lengthen the lashes and give prominence to the eyes, but to also repair, nourish and strengthen the lashes on a long-term basis.

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We will continually strive to evolve and develop our range by using the most technologically advanced treatments out there, to ensure that we produce products that emulate the body’s natural protein production and will continue to give beautiful aesthetic results with wearability and functionality.